• Software, SAAS, and ISV Services

    TRA is the leading software and ISV consulting firm in the Asia-Pacific region. We work with software companies looking to modernise and optimise, with distributors and service providers trying to identify opportunities, and vendors exploring strategic opportunities. We offer a data-driven strategic consulting service based on quantitative research into the market size, demographics and key trends. We know how many software companies there are in the region, what they offer, how they offer it, and the direction of the market. TRA's principals include former Software CEOs who have bought, run and sold software companies and we provide advice to organisations targeting this market and to software companies and their leadership teams.

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    Industry events

    TRA principals are actively involved with the software community and include ex-CEOs of ISVs.


    We are also on the board of start-ups and provide advice and guidance to emerging and mature stage software companies.

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    Market Analysis

    TRA's recent projects in the Asia Pacific software market include identifying new opportunities in Japan for a regional distributor with local SMB SaaS providers. It also includes sizing the B2B software market for AWS and offering strategic advice on investments. The AWS project also involved comprehensive engagement with SaaS providers hosted on AWS including Ultracommerce and Freshworks.

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    Customer Webinars

    TRA also work with many of the world's leading SaaS companies, providing industry commentary and participating in panels on current topics.


    We also help with creating agendas and aligning GTM messaging to industry trends and helping to formulate talking points and conducting live interviews with customer and SaaS executives.

  • Podcast

    TRA directors discuss the SMB SaaS Accounting hot vendors in 2021 across Asia Pacific.