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Megatrends in Australia and New Zealand

The top trends that ANZ CxOs and IT leaders believe will impact their organisations
Tech Research Asia surveyed 250+ Australian and New Zealand business and technology leaders in the second half of 2015 to investigate their views on the big picture trends that will impact their organisations in future. You can see the results below in the graphic.
It's important to note that there were significant differences between industries. Further less than 25% of organisations are using data already to prepare for these trends. This despite all the industry hype about data being "the new oil" and holding massive reserves of value for organisations of all types if mined correctly.
When you think about the potential chanes wrought by these trends - many of which are already being felt today - it is remarkable that more aren't turning data into information, and then into knowledge that helps them adapt and succeed.
It's one thing to analyse with the tools and data, it's another to know how to act within context, and yet another thing to have the will to act. Most ANZ organisations we work with are heading in this direction. But the data tells us there is room for improvement yet.
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This research was sponsored by NetApp Australia and you can read more here.