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What's the opportunity with ChatGPT?

The TRA IT Channel Podcast S3E1

"Welcome to the "Chatting with ChatGPT" podcast, where we explore the revolutionary impact of OpenAI's language model, ChatGPT, on technology companies. In this show, we dive into how this AI technology is changing the way businesses communicate and operate, and what it means for the
future of the industry. Join us as we speak with experts in the field and take a closer look at the role of ChatGPT in shaping the technological landscape."

That's what ChatGPT came up with for the latest TRA channel podcast episode where we just scratch the surface of the Open AI service storming the world. And the picture above is also from Dall.E 2, the AI image generator from the same outfit.

For those who've been observing the generative AI market for a while, ChatGPT has benefited from going viral where other NLP/NLG tools have struggled outside of niche use cases. What is the opportunity for the channel?