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Information and Cyber Security in Asia

A TRA whitepaper sponsored by Sophos

By Trevor Clarke

One of our Asia Pacific-wide research projects this year on cyber and information security - get the whitepaper in English here. 日本語はこちら。

I learnt a lot from this project we did in collaboration with Sophos. In particular, it is clear that the same challenges are felt across the region, including in Japan where I hosted a roundtable of the top cyber security partners in the country. Here is the whitepaper intro excerpt:

"The success of an organisation’s cybersecurity investment lies in more than technology adoption. Organisations must also create a strong security culture, educate employees and establish a path-to-purchase that ensures robust security capabilities for today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. This Tech Research Asia (TRA) report offers evidence-based guidance for decision makers across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) on how to boost their technology investments alongside their operational performance and internal cultures.

"It is based on a comprehensive research program that included a quantitative survey of 900 cyber and information security decision makers in Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore; interviews with industry experts; and five executive roundtables held in 2019 in Australia (2), India, Japan, and Malaysia. "