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Customer Experience Personalisation in ASEAN

Pursuing Digital CX Personalisation in Singapore and Jakarta

By Trevor Clarke

Here at TRA we are lucky enough to be invited to present and moderate at roundtable-style events across Asia Pacific. Personally I have done hundreds of these types of events and they are far and away my favourite forums. The conversations are usually great and I learn a lot. They really are the best way for IT and Business Leaders to engage tech topics and also for sponsors to open doors.

I have just finished doing two of these events with our friends at Sitecore in both Singapore and Jakarta. Our theme this time around was personalisation and the digital customer experience. We'll be publishing some of the research and insights that we've learnt after we finish up early next year with similar events in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. (So stay tuned!)

Until then, one of the main things that has emerged as a consensus is that organisational leaders in the SEA region are committed to personalisation and that it should deliver competitive advantage.

What this means, however, is an entirely different thing for each organisation. Yes there are similarities across industries and firms - the need for executive support, challenges with legacy, budget shortages, delivering great content to the right people, etc.

But unless you offer choice, transparency and a unique experience your brand will get lost in the digital noise. A simple test for this is to ask your own people what the best "digital experience" is that they have ever had. More than likely they response you'll get is silence or typical, highly popular services. But if you ask about specific activities like travel booking, banking, shopping, productivity, etc the responses become more specific.

The main point - personalisation is key and so is making the journey unique to your brand. Offering a generic "digital customer experience" just won't cut it in future in ASEAN.